In Finques Reyné we have a team of professionals working in cleaning homes and communities. Effective and trustworthy work.

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Associated Property Manager

Finques Reyné guarantee a professional service in Administration of Communities of Owners and management of private property.

Specialized in second homes and foreign clients.

We can offer you, among others:

  • At a particular level:
    • Liquidations and Provision of expenses of your patrimony.
    • Processing of identification documents for foreigners (NIE).
    • Processing and tax payments (IBI, Sewerage and Garbage, Patrimony ...)
    • Invoices and Receipts Management of Supplies.
    • Property rehabilitation.
    • Livability certificates.
    • Insurance Policies.
  • At the Community level:
    • Follow-up of Assemblies of Communities of Owners. Presence of the Administrator, calls, acts and specific notifications.
    • Liquidations and annual provisions for community expenses.
    • Receipts receipts for expenses that affect the community.
    • Late payment treatment.
    • Custody of keys and documents of the community of owners.
    • Building rehabilitation management (structural, permitting and façade processing, installation of elevators).

Linked Insurance Agent

In Finques Reyné will NOT give you a helicopter trip to rent an insurance policy with us, or, of course, we will force you to take one of our products ...

We work to provide you with the right insurance for you, your family and your property.

We adapt to your needs. Check your doubts and ask for your project to ensure among other things:

  • Home (first or second residence, apartment or villa, ...)
  • Community
  • Location
  • Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, boats ...)
  • Life
  • Health
  • Accidents
  • Liability

We take care of all the procedures related to the insurance policy, including the follow-up of the accident, the follow-up of the experts, the sending of documents to the company, the management of the third parties involved ...